Elegance and composure characterize, at first glance, this sofa which appears refined and quiet. The special sliding feet, however, anticipate the true soul of Luis: movement. An innovative backrest mechanism increases or decreases at will the seating area, whilst the reclining armrest allows for variety of body postures, making it a multi-faceted accessory.

  • Structure

    Supporting structure in pinewood of various thicknesses. Remaining parts in Class E1 wood particleboard panels, details in hard or cellulose wood-based panels. Structure completely covered by Tecnoform.

  • Springing

    The back is made of hard or cellulose wood fibre panels. The seat is supported by propylene and latex elastic belts.

  • Padding

    Back cushions in frayed polyester fibre. Seat cushions in non-deformable polyurethane foam, density 30 kg/cbm, Tecnoform covered.

  • Cover


  • Feet

    Chromed metal standard feet, with surcharge slide feet brown or chrome finish painted.

  • Mechanism characteristics

    Back cushion sliding mechanism made of high strength steel, armrest mechanism in galvanized steel.

  • Dimensions

    Seat height from ground cm. 44
    Seat depht cm. 59/86
    Armrest width cm. 33
    Feet height cm. 13

2-er sofa
Sofas Luis 2-er sofa
Width: 196cm
Depth: 111-123cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,38 m³
Weight: 61kg
3-er sofa
Sofas Luis 3-er sofa
Width: 224cm
Depth: 111-123cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,57 m³
Weight: 62kg
3-er maxi sofa
Sofas Luis 3-er maxi sofa
Width: 252cm
Depth: 111-123cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,77 m³
Weight: 69kg
2-er lateral element
Sofas Luis 2-er lateral element
Width: 164cm
Depth: 111-123cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,16 m³
Weight: 56kg
3-er lateral element
Sofas Luis 3-er lateral element
Width: 192cm
Depth: 111-123cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,35 m³
Weight: 57kg
Chaise Longue
Sofas Luis Chaise Longue
Width: 112cm
Depth: 190-203cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 0,81 m³
Weight: 47kg
Lateral angular element
Sofas Luis Lateral angular element
Width: 111-123cm
Depth: 239-245cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 1,68 m³
Weight: 57kg
Lateral angular element maxi
Sofas Luis Lateral angular element maxi
Width: 111-123cm
Depth: 295-302cm
Height: 88cm
Volume: 2,07 m³
Weight: 57kg
Sofas Luis Footstool
Width: 111cm
Depth: 111cm
Height: 46cm
Volume: 0,44 m³
Weight: 16kg