As we know, Vanity loves to change appearance and play countless roles, just like the Vanity sofa, armed with infinite weapons of seduction: from the adaptable footrests, to the unexpected faux leather tray located laterally at the end of the peninsula.Touches of smart elegance.

  • Structure

    Supporting structure in pinewood of various thicknesses.
    Remaining parts in Class E1 wood particleboard panels,
    details in hard or cellulose wood-based panels. Structure completely covered by Tecnoform.

  • Springing

    The back is made of hard or cellulose wood fibre panels. The seat is supported by propylene and latex elastic belts.

  • Padding

    Back cushions in frayed polyester fibre. Seat cushions in non-deformable polyurethane foam, density 30 kg/cbm, resin covered.

  • Cover

    Fabric or texil completely removable. In artificial leather partially removable. LEATHER NOT AVAILABLE.

  • Feet

    Wooden feet wengé finish.

  • Dimensions

    Seat height from ground cm. 43
    Seat depht cm. 52
    Back structure height cm. 71
    Feet height cm. 4

  • Accessories

    Wooden E1 class agglomeration panel top covered by leather or Sirio artificial leather.

2-er sofa
Sofas Vanity 2-er sofa
Width: 173cm
Depth: 91cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 1,19 m³
Weight: 58kg
2-er maxi sofa
Sofas Vanity 2-er maxi sofa
Width: 193cm
Depth: 91cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 1,33 m³
Weight: 63kg
3-er sofa
Sofas Vanity 3-er sofa
Width: 238cm
Depth: 91cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 1,63 m³
Weight: 68kg
Sofas Vanity Armchair
Width: 111cm
Depth: 91cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 0,78 m³
Weight: 33kg
Composition with reversible chaise longue and footstool
Sofas Vanity Composition with reversible chaise longue and footstool
Width: 238cm
Depth: 225cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 2,54 m³
Weight: 102kg
Composition with reversible chaise longue
Sofas Vanity Composition with reversible chaise longue
Width: 238cm
Depth: 157cm
Height: 86cm
Volume: 2,31 m³
Weight: 93kg
Chaise Longue element
Sofas Vanity Chaise Longue element
Width: 97cm
Depth: 91cm
Height: 80cm
Volume: 0,68 m³
Weight: 25kg
Covered tray
Sofas Vanity Covered tray
Width: 62cm
Depth: 30cm
Height: 3cm
Volume: 0,01 m³
Weight: 3kg
Sofas Vanity Footrest
Width: 70cm
Depth: 67cm
Height: 43cm
Volume: 0,23 m³
Weight: 9kg
Sofas Vanity Footstool
Width: 65cm
Depth: 65cm
Height: 43cm
Volume: 0,20 m³
Weight: 13kg
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