Sofas Howard copertina
The unusual triangular shape of its supporting structure is reflected in the fanned opening on the horizon of its seating. The slight tilting of the armrests gives momentum to the whole structure and emphasizes the natural leather finish. 

  • Structure

    Supporting structure in pinewood of various thicknesses.
    Remaining parts in Class E1 wood particleboard panels, details in hard or cellulose wood-based panels. Structure completely covered with resin-coated fabric.

  • Springing

    The back is made of hard or cellulose wood fibre panels.
    The seat is supported by propylene and latex elastic belts.

  • Padding

    Back plate in non-deformable polyurethane foam sheets density 18 kg/cbm covererd by polyester resin. Seat cushions in non-deformable polyurethane foam, density 30 kg/cbm, resin covered.

  • Cover

    Covered in non-removable Leather, Artificial leather, Texil or Microfiber.

  • Feet

    Brown lacquered or chrome effect metal feet.

  • Mechanism characteristics

    Click mechanism for headrest in chromed steel. Armrest mechanism in chromed steel.

  • Dimensions

    Seat height from ground cm. 44
    Seat depht cm. 56
    Armrest width cm. 38
    Back structure height cm. 65
    Feet height cm. 13

2-er sofa
Sofas Howard 2-er sofa
Width: 190cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 1,72 m³
Weight: 62kg
3-er sofa
Sofas Howard 3-er sofa
Width: 210cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 1,89 m³
Weight: 68kg
3-er maxi sofa
Sofas Howard 3-er maxi sofa
Width: 230cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 2,07 m³
Weight: 74kg
2-er lateral element
Sofas Howard 2-er lateral element
Width: 158cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 1,43 m³
Weight: 52kg
3-er lateral element
Sofas Howard 3-er lateral element
Width: 178cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 1,61 m³
Weight: 58kg
3-er maxi lateral element
Sofas Howard 3-er maxi lateral element
Width: 198cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 1,79 m³
Weight: 64kg
1-er lateral element
Sofas Howard 1-er lateral element
Width: 95cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 0,88 m³
Weight: 32kg
Lateral angular element
Sofas Howard Lateral angular element
Width: 104cm
Depth: 224cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 2,00 m³
Weight: 67kg
1-er central element
Sofas Howard 1-er central element
Width: 64cm
Depth: 105cm
Height: 78-99cm
Volume: 0,61 m³
Weight: 22kg
Sofas Howard Footstool
Width: 74cm
Depth: 84cm
Height: 44cm
Volume: 0,32 m³
Weight: 16kg
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