Armchairs Kubik copertina
File down the volume of a colorful and soft cube, to get a comfortable and snug armchair: Kubik is born of geometric architecture, a miniature and cheerful piece of furniture for any home space, whose liveliness is guaranteed by a vast spectrum of colors and an embossed trim.

  • Structure

    Supporting structure of plywood and pinewood with
    parts of E1 class agglomeration panels or cellulose
    agglomeration panels. Structure completely covered by Tecnoform.

  • Springing

    The back is made of hard or cellulose wood fibre panels.
    The seat is supported by propylene and latex elastic belts.

  • Padding

    Back plate in non-deformable polyurethane foam sheets
    density 18 kg/cbm covererd by polyester resin. Seat cushions in non-deformable polyurethane foam,
    density 30 kg/cbm, with resin and velveteen covering.

  • Cover

    Fabric or Texil completely removable. Arti!cial leather non removable. LEATHER NOT AVAILABLE. For bicolour Version pls. specify the inside and outside covering colours.

  • Feet

    Black ABS feet.

  • Dimensions

    Seat height from ground cm. 43
    Seat depht cm. 58
    Armrest width cm. 17
    Feet height cm. 4

Armchairs Kubik Armchair
Width: 82cm
Depth: 76cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 0,56 m³
Weight: 30kg
2-er sofa
Armchairs Kubik 2-er sofa
Width: 147cm
Depth: 76cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 1,01 m³
Weight: 52kg
3-er sofa
Armchairs Kubik 3-er sofa
Width: 212cm
Depth: 76cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 1,43 m³
Weight: 74kg
1-er lateral element
Armchairs Kubik 1-er lateral element
Width: 74cm
Depth: 76cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 0,51 m³
Weight: 30kg
1-er central element
Armchairs Kubik 1-er central element
Width: 65cm
Depth: 76cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 0,45 m³
Weight: 22kg
Square corner
Armchairs Kubik Square corner
Width: 74cm
Depth: 74cm
Height: 78cm
Volume: 0,50 m³
Weight: 30kg
Armchairs Kubik Footstool
Width: 65cm
Depth: 65cm
Height: 43cm
Volume: 0,22 m³
Weight: 22kg